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Prelaunch Notes

Updated: March 11, 2024


There are two testnets before mainnet launch, each is expected to run ~30 days.

The first testnet is the ‘Prometheus’ testnet and the second testnet is the ‘Cyan’ testnet. The BasedAI Command Line Interface (“basedcli”) is also being released as a Python package with the ‘Prometheus’ network which will make interacting with the network, Brains, and the Brain Store sufficiently simple for early adopters.

Prometheus Testnet - Scheduled: Tuesday, March 12, 6PM EST.

The Prometheus testnet is an ‘outlaw’ chain that is hosted on validators run by Based Labs where almost all of the rules of consensus have been lifted. It is not an incentivized testnet, it is merely for people to learn and get comfortable before the Cyan testnet and the mainnet launch. Anyone will be able to deploy their own Brain in Prometheus and prepare for future versions of the network. Its purpose is to push the limits of the network (far beyond mainnet’s capped 1024 Brains) to evaluate the latency, performance, and ability of archive nodes and light clients.

Cyan Testnet

The Cyan testnet is a “Release Candidate” that is open source and can be run by anyone where the rules of consensus and the management of Brains is as close to mainnet as possible. The primary objective of the Cyan testnet is to test the bridge between the Brain NFTs and each of their individual tokens in regards to emissions, rewards, and administration. The Pepecoin Stake/Burn for Brains event will occur shortly after the Cyan testnet releases.

Notes on Architecture

BasedAI is very complex and requires a wide depth of understanding across the blockchain ecosystem. It is at the pinnacle of both a Polkadot Substrate and an Ethereum EVM , merged with elements of Bittensor's Yuma Consensus and GPU configurations from RNDR. However, this pales in comparison to the technical complexity of the TFT Enforcer, the zk-LLM, and the smart contracts built with BasedLang. Be considerate to the team as the ability to support while we build is difficult but also be considerate to yourself and give yourself time to learn and immerse yourself without getting caught up in hype. Pepecoin has been here for a long time, BasedAI is built to do the same.

Wallet Migration

You do not need to worry about urgently migrating $BASED from ETH to BasedAI, as this will be handled by the bridge or via Kek.bot and there is no limit to this within the next year. You do not need to rush, if you are staking Pepecoin and collecting/accumulating $BASED, you are doing what the team is doing. The next significant event is the release of the Brains which simply uses the Pepecoin you (hopefully) already have.

Closing Comments

There are some members of the team that consider BasedAI, and the technologies therein, a life achievement. At no point will the team succumb to urges to release the software before it is ready.

Finally, we highly encourage you to immerse yourself in artificial intelligence, considering it as important but also as cumbersome to learn as the written word. Here is an excellent introductory video course that removes much of the fluff and respects the intelligence of the listener: https://youtu.be/FQAG2K5_tmI


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